AEM V3 Water/Methanol Injection Kit, Standard Controller Internal MAP with 35psi max, 200psi Weatherproof WM Pump, V3 Injector, 1.15 Gallon Reservoir, Conductive Fluid Level Sensor


Product Overview

The AEM Water Injection Kit is a safe and economical way to reduce air inlet temperatures to increase boost pressure for more power. Lower air inlet temperatures allow users to advance timing without having to run higher-octane fuel. This is the most complete kit available on the market straight out of the box- no additional parts required.

  • 1.15-gallon tank with integral level sensor
  • 200 PSI injection pump
  • Progressive pump controller with “Boost Safe” feature
  • High amperage pump driver with over-current, over-voltage and under-voltage protection
  • Error protection output with over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection
  • Two system status LED indicators; shows pump duty cycle and system errors
  • Pump open and short detection and indication; works even if the pump is off
  • Test button that manually triggers pump